zaterdag 8 november 2008

Wat gaat het worden??

Te winnen valt.. en verrassingspakket stofjes.. Daarvan maakt men 'iets' .. en de leukste creatie wint een tegoedbon van $100 bij 
Die uitdaging wil ik wel aan gaan :Y 

Moet ik natuurlijk wel eerst dat pakket stofjes winnen ;-) 

Hieronder nog een keer uitgelegd in het originele bericht:
Here are the details: 1) Leave a comment here & if you are not a blogger customer, email me ( your contact info as well. This is how you'll enter PART I. 2)  will randomly pick 5 comments on Monday, November 10th. 3) Sad commenters will receive a grab bag of various fabric and notions from me next week. 4) These commenters will have until the end of November to create something using at least 4 inches of each piece of fabric or notions from said grab bag to create something apparel-ish- including a bag or a shirt or a dress or an apron. You can add some of your own fabric as well, but the majority needs to be mostly stuff I sent you. 5) Creaters will then email me pics of said creations and I will post them on my blog, along with a link to your webstore. You all will then be able to vote on said creations. The winning creation will win a $100 gift certificate to You can receive an additional 10 entries to the initial part of the challenge by reposting this on your blog. Just email me the link after you post it. And yes. The grab bag will include some CRAZY fabric combinations. But  just know you'll make it work :) Just call me Tim. 
Nu nog maar even vragen of dit ook voor overzeese klanten geldt ;-) 

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